Wednesday, July 22, 2009

look at my garden grow.

today i went and weeded my small and very experimental garden...and i have produce!! woo i pulled up three purple top turnips...they're so cool and i can eat the tuber and the greens...yum. so i just triple washed the greens and they're drying now and i put the turnips in the fridge...i may cut the small one up in my salad for lunch and cook the other later...but they're so cool. and i have some beans that are coming along too!! just a couple that'll be ready to pick any day now. also i still need to either round up a pot or two or just go to the store so i can dig up two tomato plants so i can take them with me to lexington. nothing else looks ready yet though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


this is the oldest picture i could find of just the four of us.

i miss my girls. and i miss lexington--but i guess i mostly miss what lexington means to me. i feel like harry potter when he has to spend his summers away from hogwarts {which feels like home to him} an live with the dursley's...although my family isn't quite that mean to mean! ;) gosh. i've been reading too much harry potter...5 books down two more to go! but there are so many things that i've been able to pick up on now in the books since i've been read reading them all right in a row.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my ideal garden.

so today for the second time this summer i went behind my house and cut some wild flowers to put in a glass in my room. it's quite lovely. every time i drive by wild flowers on the side of the road i have the urge to get out and pick them. when i was little and would go to my great aunts house sometimes i used to love going to her garden and cutting flowers--drying some, pressing some, and just putting some in a vase. it made me always want a garden of flowers to pick.

when i grow up i want a garden, it doesn't have to be perfectly fact i think it'll suit me a lot more if there wasn't any particular order to it and it was untidy a bit. i definitely want a place where i can plant lots of vegetables and herbs of every kind. i also want every kind of fruit bush and tree that will grow there. i want there to be lots of flowers and different kinds and different times when they bloom...i don't want them landscaped in any sort of way because i want to be able to cut them and bring them inside anyhow so i'll just need lots everywhere...i want a pond with big goldfish and frogs...there should be lilly pads and flowers in the pond as well. it should be very whimsical with beautiful things everywhere, esp that have a homemade feel...steeping stones, windchims, bird and butterfuly feeders and homes. there should be a cute little table and chairs for having tea and some little nook where i can read, such as a swing bench or hammock of some sort. it should also have lots of lights of different sizes and maybe even a few colors...lots of twikle lights, at night i should feel like i've stepped into a fairy tale.