Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ranting to come

i've had a whole blog post in the works going on in my head today but i'm too tired to attempt it right now. it's all about fulfillment in Christ and how i don't understand why people always think they need to be in a relationship with the opposite sex to be fulfill and how i've noticed that my views on guy/girl relationship--on every level--is conservative when compared to others, even other christians. it was all spurred on when i overheard a girl in the bathroom telling her friend that she "needs to start dating someone" cause she's alone. like really?? really?? i mean i wanna have someone who loves me just as much as the next person but it is not what drives my life. take it from someone whose been single for the past 5 years, it won't kill you! and i'd rather not date someone than date the wrong someone. plus it means that my heart has been saved from being spoiled as much. ok i need to go to sleep...more to come soon!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

jane austen

let it be known that i believe i would prefer to watch a movie based on a jane austen novel than any other movie i could watch. tonight after 608 i went home and at 9 turned on KET aka PBS and watched Masterpiece Classics....tonight they had part 1 (of 3) of Jane Austen's Emma...(which for those of you not familiar with JA happens to be the novel that the movie Clueless was based off of...). now this is a version i had never seen...so far so good. the thing i find most funny is that actors that are in Jane Austen movies tend to also be in other Jane Austen movies...and sometime their character is so different, it's funny.

"The one claim I shall make for my own sex is that we love longest, when all hope is gone."
— Anne Elliot in Persuasion

optimus prime

my sister and i have a dog. his name is optimus prime. it's sort of a joke cause we wanted to give him a really manly, strong, tough name since he's a small old man of a shih-tzu. we got him from the humane society over a year ago. when we got him they had estimated that he was "9+ years old", so basically old. he had a mow-hawk, had had bad cataracts in his eyes, and he is missing some of his teeth in the front (this is due to the fact that when he was rescued he had gotten all sorts of hair and food stuck in his teeth and had massive infections so they had to pull a bunch out). so basically he needed love the most. he spends most of his days sleeping, which is completely fine with me. he is normally a very mellow relaxed dog....until you try to groom him in any shape or form. he won't even let you brush him, and since he is a shih-tzu his hair just grows, and grows. so when we take him to the groomer (so specializes in aggressive dogs) we have to get him sedated, and on his records at the vets office there is a sad smiley face. he's so bad. well it had been a while since we had gotten him groomed, and normally when we get him groomed we get it pretty sort but still leave it long one his tale and ears and give him a little beard. well this time, he just needed to get it ALL OFF. and when i say all off i mean all of. when erin brought him home i think i laughed for about 5 minutes. i didn't know his head was this small.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

real beauty

How beautiful are the arms which have embraced Christ, the hand which have touched Christ, the eyes which have gazed upon Christ, the lips which have spoken with Christ, the feet which have followed Christ. How beautiful are the the hands which have worked the works of Christ, the feet which treading in His footsteps have gone about doing good, the lips which have spread abroad His Name, the lives which have been counted loss for Him.

-Christina Rosetti

chapstick and chapped lips and things like chemistry lyrics

i hereby confess that i am an compulsive chapstick user. i may even be slightly ocd about it. it's fine. at least i admit it. but for the first time, that i can ever remember, i have actually have chapped lips. i would say it's an ugly sight but it hasn't even gotten to where you can visibly tell but it's literally killing me! i thought i had fixed the problem, for a day or two, but then i woke up two days ago with the problem back!! so now i am bound and determined to fix the problem, unfortunately it isn't a fast fix. so yesterday i went to the store and bought medicated chapstick and petroleum jelly. today i really started the major "restore my lips back to normal" regime since last night i was a little busy kidnapping my friend for her birthday. so today i have been applying a layer of medicated chapstick and then sealing it with a layer of jelly about every 15 minutes or so, then i got my humidifier out and started it up full blast in my bedroom to increase my moisture level, and i have been drinking tons of water. so here's to hoping it does the trick! i think it's already working...fingers crossed. i know this is riveting...but maybe it will help you cure yourself of chapped lips in the future. ha!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

this is why i love my friends

i honestly think i could make a book of quotes that my friends say...

seriously, the plan was formed about 30 minutes before we left for bible study

i haven't had time to go all Katie Fort on it

Sunday, January 17, 2010

worth it.

i'm worth it too, but i sure hope i don't have to wait around a lifetime.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

the dress

this is the dress i'm going to be wearing on june 12th 2010 when my best friend get married and i get to be the MOH

others focused.

“One of the keys to being fulfilled and content is to be others-centered. It is hard for me to think about myself when I meet a family living in a mud hut that has no food to eat and no bed to sleep in. It is hard for me to think about my dreams when I am comforting a child who has just lost her mother to AIDS. It is hard for me to think about my desires when I live with 75 orphans who know the pain of rejection and abandonment.”

- Karris Hudson

There are 145 million orphans around the world today

There are 27 million human slaves around the world today

There are 500,000 foster care children in the U.S.

There are 1.5 million people behind bars in the U.S.

There are 20,000 people who starve to death each day

There are 500,000 people around the world who die each day without Christ

"When we partake of holy communion, we are not just remembering what Christ did for us. We are stating to our Master that through this covenant, our body and blood are His to spend as He chooses. His body and blood for us, Our body and blood for Him.

Paul says, ‘do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?’ (I Cor. 6:15 NKJV)

We are the Body of Christ. We are His hands and feet. What do Christ’s hands and feet do? They bind wounds. They offer forgiveness. They set captives free.

They heal the sick. They minister to children. They seek out the sinner. They drive out evil from the temple of God. They walk the road to Calvary. And they are pierced through that we might be saved.

If you have chosen the set-apart path of a woman who fears the Lord, your life is not your own. The Spirit of Christ has a claim upon you. You have a call upon your life; you have a job to do. He has called you to minister His love to those in need. This sacred claim is the highest privilege we could ever receive. We can never repay what Christ did for us on the Cross. But because He has made us His hands and feet to this world, we have the incredible opportunity to give to others the very same astounding, transforming love that He gave to us."

-Leslie Ludy; Set-Apart Femininity