Thursday, August 27, 2009

sittin'. waitin'. wishin'.

so i've been sitting at the same spot on campus for almost 3 hours. awesome....part of me wanted to walk across campus and take a nap on a couch in CSF's basement...but i didn't. I have a class from 8-9:15 that then has a lab that directly follows it till 1:45 but we obviously don't have lab yet, so here i sit. my next class is at two and i don't get done till 7:25 :(

this week has been so busy...but i've loved it. it's opening week at school so that means lots of stuff to do and lots to do with CSF especially since we're GOING to break the record for world's largest water ballon fight on friday!!! so it's safe to say that i've also filled a lot of water balloons in the past week. my hands pretty much constaintly smell like latex. you can see on my finger where i tie my balloons. and i've grown accustomed to just getting wet...sometimes you just drop the balloons while your happens and then water shoots up your nose--it's fine. i have also helped to coordinate the maddness of serving pancakes at midnight and having 500 people show up--that was awesome. the funnies thing that happened would have to be that night. we couldn't make pancakes inside because they were also having a video game turny and therefore need all of our power so we had to set generators up outside and flipp pancakes! and then we had to run them inside when they were ready! well at one point i was trying to get through the line for pancakes and inside. i then started telling everyone "hot pancakes! coming through!" and then some random guy goes..."that's not the only hot thing coming through." by the time it registered i was gone, but it left me with one heck of a funny story to tell. i went back to my pancake flippers and told them and then laughed histaricaly for a few minutes. that was classic.

but i'm pumped to break a world record! here's our video from last year...

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