Tuesday, March 9, 2010

we run with passion for your name we run

so last night they had the Passion 2011 live link thinger. there was a group of people from Uk that we went to passion with that were going to be viewing it in the basement of my campus ministry. and to be honest i didn't wanna go at first, i didn't really know what they were going to be doing for the live link and i didn't really know how i felt about the whole live web access worship thing. but i love passion so i went. and i'm really uber glad that i did! what a blessing it was to have an unexpected time of worship in community in the basement on a random monday night. esp since it had the fire of passion behind it. and what was really neat was that all over the WORLD there were little groups of people or individuals gathered together sharing in the same worship at the same time. it was incredible. it helped energize me for my week and helped me remember what it was like to be at passion while also getting me excited for the next passion and to just LIVE out the passion kind of life here in lexington kentucky.

also way OFF topic i click on Amazon today and it suggested this book for me about cakes that go wrong and i looked at the front covered to see what was wrong with it, it took me a little while to get why it was a fail and then i realized what had happened and i died. like later i thought about it and just started laughing to myself.

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