Saturday, May 1, 2010

creative weekend.

i've had a creative weekend thus far and play on having a crafty and creative month, seeing as i won't have school and i don't start my job till the end of the month. :)

on friday i made a headband with these feather i got off was sort of a bold statement bu i went with it...
the secret is to act like you can pull something off and no one knows the difference ;)

then then today Katie and I with some help from Kellie made invite for Whits wedding shower we are hosting

the ink took a while to dry on the paper we picked out

then Kel asked what she could do and we need to scallop the edges and katie give kel a looked and asks in all seriousness "can you scallop in a straight line??...."

then we finally get them done...

then we roll in heaps of laughter on the floor once i realized i tweeted something i shouldn't have and that the invites were a lot smaller than the's fine.

so it is safe to say that i'm am pretty pumped for these two lovely ladies to move in with me shortly :) !!! !!! but it is said that they are moving in cause others are moving out...but they're getting married so i don't feel toooo bad for em ;)

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