Monday, June 14, 2010

MOH speech

Dangggg! Ms B!! You’re married!

I have known Whitney since we were freshmen in high school but it wasn’t until we started living together in Donovan Hall our freshmen year at UK that we became best friends, and we have lived together ever since. So 5 years. 5 years we lived together as bffs.

That’s a lot of runs to Dairy Queen for blizzards (in which whitney gets cappuccino heath! Always. Or she gets disappointed when she tries something new.), that’s also a lot of spontaneous trips to Cici’s pizza, pints of Ben & Jerry’s, field trips to Sephora, meanderings around the Arboretum, batches of freshly made kettle corn, crash courses on how she can be a sous chef, Redbox movie rentals, and many many laughs.

I have been truly blessed to have a friend like Whitney, and it has also been a blessing to get to know Ben. But since Ben and I are so much alike I can’t say it’s been a challenge becoming his friend.

I’ve just been preparing Whitney these past 5 years to live with Ben--and Ben you can thank me for that later if you want! Also Ben since I do have a crowd of witnesses I would like to restate that you better continue to be good to her, or I may take her back!

Now lets back up just a little to last summer...I remember when I first heard the name “Ben Stroup”, and here in whitney’s words is a little bit about how they met in a message I received from her last summer...

“this week i met an interesting individual. and i have no idea what will occur, or if we'll ever talk again. his name is ben stroup and he’s hysterical...anyhow. he has my number--we'll see if he uses it...i think i would like to get to know him better outside of camp---anyway, i just thought i should tell you, since we pretty much tell each other everything. who knows.”

Well. I think it’s save to say that he used her number.

All and all I can say I fully support the new Mrs. Ben Stroup. Ben did after all properly suck up to Whitney’s girlfriends--which is a requirement, obviously, cause when you wanna date a girl you’re not just getting the one girl, the best friends come with the complete package. How awesome is it that we can all get along like great friends, and that is how it should be.

I don’t feel like I’m losing a friend, even though I’ve been asked that before. I am so happy for the two of them, even though I may have teared up or cried every time I talked about Whitney moving out the week she did.

I know that God is with them in this and that there are great things in store for them. My prayer is that they would always keep the love alive, and keeping Christ center is key. I have been so blessed with their prayers and support in my own life that I hope they know they have mine in their life together as well.

And I believe that God is doing and will continue to do great things through their life together, and that together as one they would be able to love God better than they did as two separate people.

Ben and Whitney may you always pursue each others hearts even when you’re 80 years old, and that you continue to make each other feel more alive with each passing year.

and I pray that your live together will always be ministry, where every you find yourselves, where ever God leads you whether that be loving on child soldiers in Africa or opening your home to children right here in KY who just need someone to love them the way Christ does.

I love you both very very much. Congratulations on you marriage!!

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