Monday, November 9, 2009

42 hours

so i pulled my first all nighter, ever. once in high school i stayed up all night at a sleep over and i think i took a short nap that day but other than that i've never been able to stay up for over one day. it was kind of weird, but it was fine and totally worth it. half the time i would think "i can't believe i didn't go to bed last night?!" but it's safe to say i don't really plan on doing it any time soon, i could only do it because i really loved what i was able to do.

this past friday David Crowder*Band gave a concert at my church in lexington! it was pretty awesome and my campus ministry put it on! it's the firs time i had ever seen then in concert and it just made me love them even more. they were so fantastic! and they were fun guys too, i successfully convinced some of the crew guys to eat brussels sprouts and parsnips! i'm such an old lady! it's like i was their mom or something ;) they played with Seabird {representing the NKY, and also Independence!} and Danyew! so basically if you ever get a chance to see them, you should, it'll blow you away. and i may go see Seabird again in december in either Newport or Lexington!

so i read a quote a few weeks ago and it's stuck with me every since...sometimes i think we make God who we want Him to be, but we need to realized who He truley is, whether that's the way we wish he was or not.

"christianity is about acceptance, and if God accepts me as i am, then i had better do the same."
-Hugh Montefiore

and God is accepting of who we are, but He wishes to transform us, we just have to let Him. He doesn't wish to leave us that way because of how great He loves us, because knows we can have a better life His way.

that's all i've got, i'll leave with a few random photobooth pics :)

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