Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's time for a break...

so i'm home for thanksgiving break...this is the only time i've been home since the semester started, it feels a little weird. i'm trying really hard to make myself just rest and not get into too much, i didn't really do much today, and i could tell my body was trying to really just rest up. i did however get a new cell phone today! yippie! my old one wouldn't charge any more so i hadn't had a working once since thursday. i got an alcatel one touch tribe phone, it's fun so far! it almost makes me wish i used my phone more often! i hardly ever have any use for it...but i can do fun things with this one that i couldn't do before. also i had a fun photobooth session today. but i miss my lexington, i think i've officially made the switch of where home really is, what a weird reality.

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