Saturday, January 23, 2010

chapstick and chapped lips and things like chemistry lyrics

i hereby confess that i am an compulsive chapstick user. i may even be slightly ocd about it. it's fine. at least i admit it. but for the first time, that i can ever remember, i have actually have chapped lips. i would say it's an ugly sight but it hasn't even gotten to where you can visibly tell but it's literally killing me! i thought i had fixed the problem, for a day or two, but then i woke up two days ago with the problem back!! so now i am bound and determined to fix the problem, unfortunately it isn't a fast fix. so yesterday i went to the store and bought medicated chapstick and petroleum jelly. today i really started the major "restore my lips back to normal" regime since last night i was a little busy kidnapping my friend for her birthday. so today i have been applying a layer of medicated chapstick and then sealing it with a layer of jelly about every 15 minutes or so, then i got my humidifier out and started it up full blast in my bedroom to increase my moisture level, and i have been drinking tons of water. so here's to hoping it does the trick! i think it's already working...fingers crossed. i know this is riveting...but maybe it will help you cure yourself of chapped lips in the future. ha!

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