Sunday, January 24, 2010

optimus prime

my sister and i have a dog. his name is optimus prime. it's sort of a joke cause we wanted to give him a really manly, strong, tough name since he's a small old man of a shih-tzu. we got him from the humane society over a year ago. when we got him they had estimated that he was "9+ years old", so basically old. he had a mow-hawk, had had bad cataracts in his eyes, and he is missing some of his teeth in the front (this is due to the fact that when he was rescued he had gotten all sorts of hair and food stuck in his teeth and had massive infections so they had to pull a bunch out). so basically he needed love the most. he spends most of his days sleeping, which is completely fine with me. he is normally a very mellow relaxed dog....until you try to groom him in any shape or form. he won't even let you brush him, and since he is a shih-tzu his hair just grows, and grows. so when we take him to the groomer (so specializes in aggressive dogs) we have to get him sedated, and on his records at the vets office there is a sad smiley face. he's so bad. well it had been a while since we had gotten him groomed, and normally when we get him groomed we get it pretty sort but still leave it long one his tale and ears and give him a little beard. well this time, he just needed to get it ALL OFF. and when i say all off i mean all of. when erin brought him home i think i laughed for about 5 minutes. i didn't know his head was this small.

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