Tuesday, February 16, 2010

lent 2010

so today is mari gras aka fat tuesday! woo GO and get some cajun food and bake a yummy king cake! i happen to be staying home sick today BUT my sister is uber great. she texted me and suggest that we go and get Bourbon and Toulouse {which is so good and we got it last year} but i told her i was staying home and suggested that she picks some up on her way home from campus today and she said she will! yippie!

so i was just laying in bed resting some and i was thinking about the whole lent thing...i hadn't decided if i was going to give up anything this year or not. i have only given things up two years...my freshmen year of college i gave up chocolate. it was kinda a joke cause i just ate a lot of carmel instead. last year i had decided way in advance that i would give up tv/movies...and i did and it went really well. i also decided to just read and reread the gospels in that time. the no tv thing wasn't as hard as i thought it would be, it was at times but by the end of it i accomplished what i wanted, i had cleansed myself of just wanting to waste lots of time in from on the tv, now i hardly ever watch tv and when i do i watched something with a purpose, i don't just turn it on and watch whatever i can find for hours like i used to. so needless to say i'm not doing that again this year cause it would be pointless, it wouldn't be a huge sacrifice.

so i was thinking "what can i give up this year??" i was thinking i wasn't going to end up doing anything but i think i am...it's gonna kinda be a combo of different things as opposed to just one thing that i'm completely cutting out. one of the most classic things to do is to give up meat {well that wouldn't be a real sacrifice for me either since i hardly ever eat meat} so that is going to be one of the things i'm going to do. i think it's important to pick things that aren't going to be too easy but also that you know you're just gonna fail at! also a big thing that takes up time in my life is facebook, obviously. but i would be COMPLETELY out of the loop if i gave it up for lent, like i wouldn't know what's going on or if plans and things change, so i'm going to incorporate it somehow. also i think it's important to not just cut things out of your life but to set a goal for getting more Jesus into your life. also a lot of people do whatever it is they gave up on sundays, seeing how if you cut out all the sunday's in lent it would be 40 days...but i don't, i'm sort of an all or nothing kinda girl. so here's what i think i'm going to do...

1.) no meat.
2.) only check facebook once a day, in the evening.
3.) no twitter, at all.
4.) go through {on top of my normal devotionals times} John Piper's book The Passion of Jesus Christ which if 50 reasons why Jesus suffered and died for us...so if i do one a day and a few days do two i'll go through them all

and maybe i'll think of something else to add before the day is up...i'm looking forward to focusing on the cross and falling more in love with my King.

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