Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lent: day 1

so i must admit that there have been multiple times today that i wanted to get on twitter. i mean really?? why do i care about twitter so much anyhow? how silly. oh well, it's something that has a hold on me. also i'm currently fighting the urge to get on facebook right now...i already got on for my one time today, so i WON'T. it wasn't that hard at points today but there were other time when i was like "i just wanna get on facebook!!" so dumb, yet it has a hold on me. it's so funny how i know these infatuations with these things are silly and especially when i compare them to knowing Christ how even sillier they seem! {phil 3:7-8, but whatever was to my profit i now consider loss for the sake of Christ. what is more i consider everything loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake i have lost all things. i consider them rubbish that i may gain Christ. !!!!!!}

tonight at core group i shared my lenting plan for this year and we were talking about mine and others and i found it so interesting what has a hold on each of us, cause it such different things! which is neat i think. i remember how one year one of my good friend gave up hitting boys, it may seem silly but it wasn't that silly to her. i mean, it's nothing i've ever had an issue with but doesn't mean it's anything "less".

have i ever mentioned that i've really really grown to love my core group. at first the whole idea of it wasn't so attractive to me...i just sort of saw it as something else to take up my time, but i love it. last semester was a little different experience for me considering out of the two weekly meeting times the only one i could attend was just boys. me and boys. now that's something that doesn't happen very often. i see myself as very awkward around the male sex and i have very few male friend friends. this year has been different for me cause i've actually talked to and related to guys more than i have in a long since high school. it's something i'm still trying to get use to and trying to approach it in an appropriate and Christ honoring way while still keeping myself pure--in all areas--for my future husband. i mean i shouldn't have a relationship with a guy now that wouldn't be appropriate to continue to have once i get married. but how much is appropriate???? YBH{yes but how!}

ok i'm about to fall asleep...i feel like i should try and update this morning during my lenting esp to keep track of it all...and of course for all my avid readers, ok all two of them.

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