Saturday, June 20, 2009

harry potter confessions.

i hereby confess that i feel in love with harry potter 9 years ago and these are the confessions that follow...

>i first read harry potter during the summer of 2000 right after the goblet of fire was released. my house had recently burnt down and my mom bought us the first four books from amazon, my sister had already read the first three from the library--she was the reader i wasn't.

>i used to bring the books with me to school {i was in the 8th grade} and read them while i was waiting for my mom to pick me up. we lived in an apartment in florance while our house was being rebuilt and my mom had to pick myself along with my brother and sister up from school...but since my brother and sister got out an hour after i did i would sometimes wait at school for the extra hour and then she's pick us up all together. i would sit outside and read harry potter. in high school a good friend of mine told me he thought i always looked like a character in a movie when i did that...we weren't really friends then.

>my friend and i used to read the harry potter over the phone to each other sometimes...and we did voices.

>i bought the harry potter text books when they came out, and of course the tales of beetle the bard

>i own two harry potter tee shirts and i crocheted my own gyriffindor house scarf

>when order of the phoenix came out i didn't buy it at midnight because i had to finish huck finn for school first, i made myself i promise i'd finish school stuff first. i ended up buying it the next day because i could help myself. i sat it next to me and just stared at it to encourage me to finish huck finn.

>for books 6 and 7 i went to kroger's casue i didn't want to face a huge crowd at a bookstore, there was still a good size crowb and a few people dressed up. it was awesome.

>my sister and i had a HHPP {happy harry potter party} for when the deathly hallows came out. we spent weeks getting ready. it was awesome, we turned the house into harry's world. looking forward to doing it again.

>i completely own at harry potter scene it?

>there was this guy on campus one year who i used to see a lot and i he totally looked like harry and i used to freak out everytime i saw him, and then there's this lady that comes to ovids that makes me think of umbridge.

>i've named pet fish after harry potter charaters

>i always wanted to have hedwig as a pet

>i bought a quill and some ink once just to be more like harry potter world

>i used to partake in harry potter messageboards and IM with people i didn't actually know about harry potter

>i made my own harry potter wedsite once

>i totally listen to harry and the potters

>when i was reading the last book i was crying, a lot, for every reason you could think dad was really concerned

>if any of this makes me a huge nerd i'm completely OK with it

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