Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mansfield park

so i FINALLY finished reading mansfield park the other's such a lovely story. i really admire fanny price, and of course who wouldn't love edmund?? i saw a movie of it once before i read it and i have to say i like book henry crawford better than i did the one from the movie i saw. and then after i finished reading the book i watched the 1999 adaptation of the book and i enjoyed the henry as well--of course until the was a cute and enjoyable movie, but it was vastly different. but what i really related to was when fanny goes home only to realize that what she always thought of as "home" really wasn't anymore even though that's where her family was, home had become mansfield park. it's very much how my life is right now, home seems less and less like home and lexington feels more like home than home does. i mean it has to happen at some point, i'm not going to live with my parents forever and i'm going to have my own home at some point.

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