Thursday, June 18, 2009

skipping july.

i came to the realization the other day that i really am ready for august...yep already. normally i'm not really even ready to go back to school come time fore it, but i'm ready, i think. who next week i might change my mind...but yeah i'm just ready for this school year, or at least august. i feel like when i'm in nky it's like just pressing pause on my life, which is good, but not for 3 months. but yeah i just REALLY miss being in lex and synergy and 608 and everybody.

presently i am listening to oktomberfest in munich.
don't judge. i got it from the library, it's kinda entertaining.

so the song that i'm really obsessed with at the moment is brandon heath "wait and see"

so i have to work most of the weekend, not really exciting but it'll keep me busy and make the time go by! although i have to work from 10-8:30 on father's day...but maybe i'll stop by and see my daddy after work. and then next weekend i'm going to hopkinsville again and get to have friend time again! yay!

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