Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i've, finally, been reading Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. it's amazing. i knew she was great already, so i'm not surprised i like it. what's really awesome is that it's pretty much my views and thoughts on the same ideas already. but i'm still learning and it's really great to hear her talk about her and Jim's love story.

here's a passage i read just now and really loved.

By the grace of God we have not been left to ourselves int he matter of who is to do the initiating. adam needed a help. God fashioned one to the specifications of his need and brought her to him. It was adam's job to husband her, that is, he was responsible--to car for, protect, provide for, and cherish her. Males, as the physical design alone would show, are made to be initiators. Females are made to be receptors, responders. it was not arbitrarily that God called Himself Israel's bridegroom and Israel His Bride, nor Christ the Head and the Church the Body and the Bride. He woos us, calls us, wins us, gives us His name, shares with us His destiny, takes responsibility for us, loves us with a love stronger than death.
-Elisabeth Elliot, Passion and Purity

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