Tuesday, July 6, 2010

self .vs. old testament

i have a confession to make.
i work in college ministry but have never read the old testament in it's entirety.
i know, what a slacker. sure i've read the important stuff, well some of it anyway. but i've been on a mission. read it. and don't give up this time or skip over "boring" parts to jump back to the new testament. my favorite trick seems to be to skip over parts of it to read about baller women like ruth and esther or to the warm fuzzies of song of solomon.
but it is on. for reals. i am so gonna do it this time. and lucky for me today marks me being a fourth done! a fourth! :)
i felt bad but honestly part of me was sooo ready to be done with Moses. i mean he's a killer fella and all but after hearing the same things that happened in his life multiple times i was way OK to put that part behind me.
my mission is to get a big picture of what's going on, and honestly some of the chs are so long but the time i finish the book i don't want to forget what happened at the start. to prevent said flaw in myself i read at least 5 chapters a day, i even read the whole of leviticus in three days, i think if i had stretched it out i would have disliked it or been discouraged but since i did read it so fast i found new appreciation for it. specifically how God wants us to be pure. and what proof it was for that truth to me.

here's to enjoying the remaining 75% :)

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