Monday, February 7, 2011

{Chinese New Year + Whoopie Pies}

Hello world!! I have some super exciting news...*drum roll* LAST load of laundry {after a verrrry long time of not doing any} is set to go in the wash next!! Hurray!! I know, I know I live on the wild side...working in college ministry can do that to you. :) Plus I’m watching Intervention on A&E, I hardly ever watch TV but that boy of mine has gotten me to watch it.

So I believe I’m starting to get this whole blogging under control...I caught myself not taking pictures of something today and then I felt guilty{thank you staff accountability ;)} and so because of that you will have the privilege of seeing them :) Also I have a few crafting idea rolling around my head so hopefully you can see those soooon!! Etsy shop here I come! I promise I will open you soon.

For Chinese New Year I made dinner for John and I, it also happened to be the last time we could have dinner together before he had to go to NKY for his real person job. Our menu: Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Crab Rangoon, White Rice with General Tso’s Chicken. And it looked a little something like this...

First every chef need to be properly dressed...

Then you have to make sure you have all the proper ingredients...

Thanks to my dear friend Meghan Chung for the Lettuce Wrap recipe!!!

John helped give me an extra pair of hands...we snacked on the lettuce wraps as an appetizer.

John wanted to take a picture of this cause it may be the very first time he’s ever seen me use a recipe.

The finished product.

Now I’ll show you how to make Crab Rangoon...

The filling is cream cheese, a little sugar, chopped green onion, and imitation crab meat. You combine and mix up all. You also need wanton wrappers {found by tofu products in the grocery store :)}

Now you put a little spoonful in the middle of the wanton wrapper, you dip your finger in a little water and spread it on the side of the wrapper. Then to fold it you pinch all the middle parts of the four sides together and seal it all up.

Then it looks like this...

The finished product...

Our dinner!!

Tonight I felt like making something so I made Banana Whoopie Pies. I used up the last of my Banana Cream Cheese icing that I made a little while back and a box of yellow cake mix I had on hand.

I made the cake as directed but only used half the water so it wasn’t so runny. I greased some cookie sheets and spooned a little onto them and baked them up. The cake cookies didn’t take long bake at all, and they spread out A TON.

Then I used two that were roughly the same size and spooned some icing on one. I didn’t use too much cause I’m not a huge icing fan, just a little.

Then you smash them together and you basically have a cake and icing tasty!

So dig in!! :)

This weekend John and I are celebrating valentines days so look forward to a post about the yummy meal I’m making! I know all three of my readers will look forward to it with such anticipation :)

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