Monday, February 21, 2011

{valentine's day} 2011

Hello world!! So I’m about a week behind on this post, but it’s been an abnormal past two weeks with things going on at CSF and with being sick and such.

Well last weekend John and I got to celebrate our valentine’s day since he’s in NKY working and such and we weren’t gonna see each other on the actual day. Also neither of us have the ability to have a lavish sort of celebration so we came up with something to do from the heart. I tried to find a fitting meal for us to make and then he was willing to sit through a Jane Austen movie with me--finally!! I decided to make homemade spaghetti and meat balls! Lady and the Tramp anyone?!? And not only was he willing to watch Jane Austen he was willing to watch the 6 hour long Pride and Prejudice mini series one!! He must really like me or something.

It was so much fun cooking together and watching John enjoy Pride and Prejudice! He actually got excited in the end when Darcy and Elizabeth get together finally. Hopefully there will be a lot more Jane Austen in our future. :)

As a side note I actually ran into Kroger after work on actual Valentine’s day and it was a sight to see!! I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a store like that on V-Day before. It was quite the sight to see, mean of all ages rushing in and trying to find flowers and candy. It was a mad house. I even walked through the seasonal aisle with all the valentines candy and stuffed bears and such on my way to check out and was amazed. I saw this man, walk up with a shopping basket in his hands and just start grabbing bags of candy and throwing it in. I don’t even think he was looking at what he was doing because it was so swift and quick. Let it be known that girls don’t want flowers and candy for the sake of getting flowers and candy. We want your heart.

Erica’s Cheese Filled Meat Balls:

-ground beef

-one scrambled egg

-bread crumbs

-fresh oregano, bail, & parsley; finely chopped.

-half of a sweet onion; chopped

-fennel seed

-fresh garlic

-salt & pepper

-some parmesan cheese

-tiny fresh mozzarella cheese balls

1.) Combine all ingredients, minus mozzarella, in a medium bowl. I use my hands, it’s just easier for me!

2.) Take a little of the meat, make a patty in your hand.

3.) Drop a mozzarella ball int he middle and mold the meat ball around it

4.) Put in a baking dish or on a baking sheet and cook till the meat is done. Once done the cheese will start to pop out of the meat ball, so try and catch it before they all do that! And you all know I’m a sucker when it comes to cheese...

Crowder Trifle:

This is the same dessert I made for the David Crowder Band when I did the catering for their concert here in lexington a little over a year ago--hence the name! :)

-chocolate pudding

-fresh bananas

-Heath bar crumbs

-frozen whipped topping

-brownies or chocolate cake

1.) Prepare the pudding, Slice the bananas, make sure you thaw the whipped topping, prepare brownies/cake and cut into cubes or crumble.

2.) Then all you gotta do it layer the ingredients a couple time. We made three layers. Preferably in a trifle dish if you have one, I do not so we used a clear bowl we found.

3.) We layered bananas first, then pudding, then brownies, then whipped topping then heath bar. Then repeat!!

It's safe to say we had some fun cooking away in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking for others and serving them in that way and a lot of the time I insist that I do it all by myself and that John doesn't need to do a thing, I want to prepare a meal for him, but it's also a lot of fun to sometimes work on the meal together. He's gonna be a pro chef in to time!! It's true!!

Busy Stove away. We had yellow squash with lemon pepper seasoning as our side!!

Homemade sauce...yummy. Fresh herb make a HUGE difference.

My Helper!! He's soooo good!!

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