Friday, February 25, 2011

{little birdie wreath}

Hello blog world!!

Happy Friday!! I hope you all are dong fantastic, because I have something pretty to show you--made by yours truly of course. I’ve been wanting to show this to you all for a while but haven’t gotten around to it...the whole being sick for almost 3 weeks has certainly put a damper on my blogging and crafting plans.

I made this wreath a couple of weekends ago. I was inspired by these yarn wreaths I’ve seen on etsy so decided to make my own. All you need is a straw wreath {it’s the cheapest kind you can get at a crafting store...I think mine cost no more than $3}, Yarn, felt, buttons, little bird for putting on wreaths, and a hot glue gun. The only things I need to buy was the wreath and the bird since I already have the other supplies on hand.

So I popped in a movie and got started. The first thing you need to do is wrap the wreath in the yarn. This took me the length of the movie to do. I just tired the yarn around and started wrapping, tucking the yarn ends under yarn as you wrapped to hide and secure it. Sometimes I needed to go over a place a few times to get it covered well. Then I made my felt flowers and hot glued them on with buttons in the middle and fixed the birdie in place. I later covered the whole wreath in a water proofing spray {like what you get for shoes, I got mine when I bought a pair of swayed boots once}. Then I hung it up on our front door. Super cute, and super easy--took about 1 and a half movies to complete, a lovely evening activity.

As I said earlier I’ve been sick for almost three weeks. It’s frustrating to say the least...on Tuesday I finally started to feel like I got back to my normal self after being sick for two weeks, then working DanceBlue Pancakes {blog post & pictures coming soon}, and no joke that very night I started getting sinus pressure and congestion and spent the next two days in bed. But with my sinus pressure easing and my energy coming back I’m so ready to be done with sickness!! I’m calling for a sick free March please!! But since the last two days I barely ate anything and what I didn’t was just whatever I could find that didn’t require any effort on my part you can guess that it wasn’t full of much substance. So I went a little crazy {sarcasm implied} tonight!! I went to Kroger, picked up a frozen pasta skillet meal and a little package containing two slices of cheesecake from the bakery. I know what you’re thinking, wild & a splurge--I just can’t help it. But it was YUMMY and it was soooo good to get really full on some really good food that didn’t require much from me. So here I sit, in my bed, eating cheesecake, drinking coffee, watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, and waiting till I need to go work midnight pancakes at CSF.

See you later cyber world--enjoy YOUR weekend!! :)

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