Monday, February 16, 2009

matt wertz

man. what a busy month. i feel like i'm always doing something and don't have enough to time to do everything i need or want to do. and spring break is still 4 weeks away! aka. i don't have any time to write in here about anything worth while...except to tell you about something fun i did!

for valentines day i got to spend it in columbus with two of my roommates. and we had a fantastic time! we went to go see matt wertz. who is basically my fav and i haven't been able to see him yet. it was also my first concert in a small venue. [i saw Five Times August, which was fantasic!, at uk outside of memorial hall, but it's not really the same]

we weren't in front of the stage but we were on the only side and it was great for viewing! it was such a great concert, just singing and clapping and being with my friends. it was very intimate and that was nice. also you could see how much fun he was having and he talked about his work with Mocha Club [which is a great way to give a little money each month to those in need in africa].

all in all we had a ton of fun...and i'm already ready to go see him again!

also on the way to the concert we made a video of us three in the car singing to wertz and stuff...and it's fun. [and i don't feel bad putting this here whit because i think only like 2 ppl even know about this :P ]

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