Sunday, February 22, 2009

New In Town

so friday night a few of my roommates and i went to see new in town. i loved it! i thought it looked really cute but i enjoyed it more than i had anticipated. myself, along with the whole theater, were dying laughing. it was very cute. but it was kind of predictable towards the end of the movie but that's ok, it was feel good. it's definitely a movie i wouldn't mind owning someday. [although i am working on my obsession with dvds :-/ ]

after the movie was over i noticed how "tame" it was, which is refreshing. i don't remember the language being bad at all, and also there was no sex in the movie--that is something that i feel is rare in a romantic comedy these days. one thing i did notice though was the fact that in the movie they made jokes about Jesus a lot. how the people in the small town would just bring him up in daily conversation and other things. and these were meant to be funny parts and they were but i wondered why people found them so funny. did they find them funny because in our general society today it is taboo for Jesus to be such a big deal to people? i'm pretty positive that Jesus was a funny guy, and him and the disciples sat around a cracked nice clean jokes and shared laughs. but it worries me if people find the idea of Jesus as a joke. how could it be funny to see a person who holds Jesus as much an important part of their life, but not just part of their life he's really life in the whole. that kind of attitude should we cherished. after all this is the king of kings, our Savior and Lord. why wouldn't we consider him the best and most important part of ourselves. but that's a side track...i loved the movie as a whole. :)

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