Sunday, February 8, 2009

my 25 random facebook things

1.)I have gone by all three of my names. I went by Danielle from the time I born until forth grade when my teacher put my first name on everything so I just decided to go by Erica, it eventually caught on, sometimes I still get called Danielle. Then at some point in college Frannie started calling me DUUUUUUPPPPPPPSSSSSS and it hasn't gone away since. Sometimes it weirds me out when people call me Erica instead of Dupps. I have also gone by numerous nicknames. [E, Dani, Edd, Fred, Yell, Eddi....]

2.)I'm an Army Brat and moved a good number of times by the time I was ten and we settled into Independence. It may be a result and it may not be but I don't remember much of my life before about 9 or 10. I couldn't tell you what the name of the school where I went to first grade was, nor my teachers name, and I can't remember the names of any friends before living in Ft. Campbell [which was the last place I lived before moving back to NKY].

3.)I have a fear of cotton balls. I don't like to touch them or have people around me touch them. They give me the hibbie jebbies.

4.)When I was very little one morning after we had pancakes for breakfast my mom left the squeeze butter on the table. I sucked the whole bottle down. I threw up. A lot. To this day I can't take much butter and it was years and years before I could even butter toast, I will now but it has to be very light and it's normally fake butter spread.

5.)For my 22nd birthday my sister we gonna get me a bunny. One day we went to the humane society to look for one. We came home with a shih tzu who is about 9, had a Mohawk, missing teeth and caderacks. We named him Optimus Prime. He has a facebook; Opi Dupps.

6.)I love movies A LOT! I also like to buy them a lot. But I fear I may make them an idol in my life so I'm cutting back.

7.)I've only kissed 3 boys. That's not a large number, but when I think about my future husband I think it's 3 too many.

8.)I used to eat a toaster strudel just about everyday for breakfast. The idea of eating one makes me sick now.

9.)I don't have phonic skills. I don't know how this really happened but it appears I was never taught them. Instead I read by the shape of a word. It's a real method of teaching and they talk about it in the book To Kill A Mocking Bird. Just trust me. If something it written in a weird font I have problems reading it or I think it's misspelled.

10.)I have a fear of never getting married. I try not to worry about it and just trust God, but it's really hard. I like to think I would make a great wife and mother one day, but I fear I'll never be able to be selfless enough.

11.)When I was in 8th grade I started reading the Harry Potter books and my friend and I would reread them a lot. We would read them to each other aloud over the phone and do voices for all the characters. I did a great Hagrid.

12.)My first semester of college was the lowest point in my life. I hope to never be that depressed again. My first year of college was also one of the very best times of my whole life.

13.)When I lived in Ft. Campbell my friends and I had a music and dance group. We only sang and danced to Ace of Base songs. I was very bossy [sorry] and took it all very serious. We also made our parents watch and video tape it. I would get very upset if we couldn't do a whole cd, my friends would be tired and my parents would be bored but I still wanted to preform.

14.)I wanted to be Batgirl when I grew up. I dreamed up that there would be a tunnel in my bedroom closet that would take me to Gotham City whenever I was needed.

15.)I went on a Disney Cruise once, the summer before I started high school. I kept in touch with one of the friends I made through most of high school. I haven't talked to her in years.

16.)I don't like to commit to new years resolutions. My uncommitted resolutions for this year included keeping my room pretty clean [which I've been kicking butt at!] and also to start a blog, keep up with it, and not write about stupid stuff all the time like I did in high school.

17.)I have a Real Women List that I'm forming in my head. On this list are things that I'll do or have when I'm a “real women” as defined my me.

18.)Sometimes I wish I could go back to my favorite nights from high school. They would be the nights I spent with my three best friends, renting a movie, pigging out on pizza, and just fall asleep talking.

19.)I have many different laughs, and they seem to evolve a little all the time. I don't know why but they do. I've also been told I laugh way to loud in public.

20.)After I take a shower I don't like to get dressed right away. Some times my roommates will come to my door and I have to throw something one real fast. I sure hope my future husband will be OK with this.

21.)I don't like milk. I don't know why. I really want to like it but I don't. I haven't tried it in a few years though. I like to try it every now and then just to make sure.

22.)I have had the name Evelyn [Evy] Josephine picked our my a daughter I may one day have since I was in 8th grade. Evelyn from the movie The Mummy, and Josephine because I was obsessed with Josie and the Pussycats and it also happens to be my great grandmothers name. I also think it's hokey to name all your children by the same first letter. I also have three other E names picked out. I guess I'm just as hokey

23.)I'm itching to get out of this country for a little while...really bad. I often have dreams of visiting Europe again. I lived in Holland when I was really little and visited a lot of places. I only remember about 3 things, one being that our neighbors had chickens and I would feed them grass through the fence.

24.)I have never sung in the shower. The idea is odd to me. I doubt I ever will. I do however sing very loud in the car when I'm by myself.

25.)I've been growing my hair out since August 07, it started off somewhere between my ears and chin. My goal is to see how long I can stand to grow up. I've almost cut it off multiple times. I'd like to grow it out to at least August 09. We'll see what happens by then. Also I wish I could donate it because I'm just gonna hack it all off someday, but I color it black.

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