Wednesday, May 13, 2009


the other night while doing devotional i was reading in proverbs 4 [which i also happened to be reading in my brand new zondervan nsab study bible, which rocks, i'm really looking forward to breaking it in more!] but verse 23 really hit a note with me.

Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.

one thing that i've been thinking about lately is just keeping myself emotionaly pure. it seems to me that there is more to purity than just the physical sexual stuff, and there's more to it than just romantic relationships. but what i haven't quite put my finger on is what it entails completely or how to go about it. i think part of it must go back to keeping some things just between God and myself...and there's a level of humility about it i think. oh humility. my earthy flesh fights back at it all the time. i wanna be the girl that doesn't care if people know about her work or even just my dreams and ambitions and goals...or even how great my relationshiop with God is. one place where i strugle is definately with my siblings. growing up as the oldest i always had to be the best, the smartest, the one in charge, and the one giving out all the orders. and now it's to the point where our age differences don't really matter anymore but part of me still wants to be "well i'm the oldest!" but i guess i just need Jesus' help to fight back.

well that was a tangent i hadn't planned. it's the first wednesday of my summer break and i'm starting to get to the point where i'm like "ok, what now?" i have successfully cleaned and organized my room [minus a few little projects for a later date] and i even have gotten a job squared away, i have orientation tomorrow! yay! what an answered prayer. i've been thinking about getting started on my scrap booking sometime soon...dun dun dunnnn. i really wanna use my mom's dinning room table and just leave stuff spread out. i don't think she'll go for it :( my mother did do something really nice for me, something that even makes it seems like she might know a little bit about me. she heard this band on xm radio and liked a song and found out they're christians so she sent me the cd on itunes as a gift. they're called NeedToBreathe and i hadn't really heard of them but they are good...and actually one of the songs on the cd i remember hearing someone sing at church once and then i've heard it again on some christian radio's pretty good.

goals for this summer:

1.) read at least 8-10 pages in my bible everyday so i will therefore have read through the old testiment by well before i go back to school
2.) i have these audio files from Eric Ludy discipleship program thingy and i wanna do this and make a binder for all my notes on them
3.) catch up on all my scrapbooking. eck!
4.) read like there's no tomorrow
5.) watch less tv
6.) help my dad save dad eats out too much i've decided so i also decided he would save TONS of money if he didn't and it would be healthier so i wanna find recipes and make up shopping lists for him so when we are over there we can just eat in instead
7.) go to every festival i can
8.) go to a church in nky regularly
9.) become a prayer warrior
10.) workout??
11.) keep my room clean :-/
12.) sit outside, under the stars with God
13.) keep this list going...

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