Sunday, May 10, 2009

I flew in on a whim

so the school year has come to a close and it's a weird's different than years past. right now i'm in a good place and i don't wanna lose it. the other week katie said that we should all keep blogs this summer to keep in this is my attempt to keep up with my blog this summer, my blog shows a very good reflection of how the school year got more and more busy as it went on! but now summer is upon me and i don't have to wake up for anything in the morning...glorious.

so this is how you get noticed at a bar.

katie decided it would be a good idea "to go salsa dancing" the other night. some band that she salsa[ed] to one time was playing somewhere and that would be our end of the semester outing. well this was decided some time ago and i'm pretty sure she convinced whit to wear this fun dress that she had just gotten, so as the day comes it turns out whit had moved all of her clothes home except for that dress and one t-shirt outfit, cause we were going to all wear fun dresses. well it comes time for the night and katie and kel are not wearing dresses while myself and whit are. so we show up to this little hole and the wall bar--which we almost reconsidered upon seeing the place--and proceed to go in. the only free seats happened to be behind the pool table on a bench. we sat in a row and took in our surroundings--what a mixture of people! there was about a 70 some year old man walking around, a middle aged women with a backless shirt and no bra, there were a few other college kids, a few very drunk people, and a crazy guy so really loved playing pool and almost gave us all black eyes with his pool stick. the one this we did notice was that everyone would whisper, look at us, and whisper again, we even got a few points. at one point someone even approached up and asked us what were doing there because they believe we were obviously not even old enough to get in. ha! so that's what they all thought, that and that fact that we were all not drinking anything. typically underage people people sneak into bars with fake ids and don't drink?? so the moral of the story is that you think that the ladies that get noticed at the bars are the ones barely dressed sipping on a beer but guess again apprently all you have to do is not look your age and sit on a bench with your girlfriends and not drink. who would have thought we'd attract that much attention--i guess it helps that my friends are all babes. ;)

in more recent news...

i've been organizing my room since i've moved back hom for the summer, i've taken a lot more stuff home this year than in the past since i'm not living in waller next year, i was able to leave a lot of stuff there but there was a lot that i also wanted to bring back to nky and not bring back. so it's safe to say it's going to take hours, upon hours, upon hours. i want to try and get rid of a bunch and try to make the most of the space i have available. unfortunately i found a box in the closest that been there a while, why i hadn't already gotten rid of it? who knows. there's not point really, it would do absolutely no good. i set it on my bed so i would throw it away but unfortunately again before i got the chance to it feel off and it's contents scattered across the floor--but non of it held any hold over me anymore, i didn't even want a good bye look. i promptly scooped it all up into a trash bag and headed to the garage can; unfortunately there was no fire to be found or that would certainly have worked even better. [taylor swift anyone??] but it was still freeing, i had pretty much forgotten about the contents but it was freeing non the less...i took out the bones from my closest. i'm looking forward to the future without my past holding me back. [ps and i just noticed the date today, & hopefully i will be able to not think of this when this date comes up in the future, but what a signifagance. how many things can change in five years]

In On A Whim
Matt Wertz

I flew in on a whim
These wings won't take me home
New eyes for my blind
I found a home and a place so far from my own

But all good things come to an end
Still I don't wanna leave this place yet
It's just so funny as I look back
on this year

But I haven't even left here
Still I miss your face
Standing right beside me here
Pull me in with your embrace

How fast the time burns
When you're trying to hold on
And how slowly it slips away
When you're not

So tell me again
How this friendship has to be
I'm trying to understand now
Some patience, and we'll see

'Cause I haven't even left here
Still I miss your face
Standing right beside me here
Pull me in with your embrace

Have you ever looked so good to me?
Have you ever loved this way to me?

Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in, pull

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