Friday, May 1, 2009

the end of my first senior year

wow. my school year is coming to an end, all that's left are finals. it's weird to think that if i hadn't change my major a few times and gotten behind i was be preparing to graduate--ahh! that scares the crap out of me, i would be completely freaking out. last night we had a very nostalgic synergy--it made me a little weepy, yet most of my friends are going to be in lexington again next year but i'm even just sad about going home for the summer. i'm normally really READY to spend time away from lexington and enjoy my summer in nky, but i feel like i'm going to miss lexington a lot more this summer than the past. i'm really excited about going home, summer in nky is always great but it's just gonna be different. this school year has been really great and i'm just so uber excited for next semester already, it's gonna hold a lot of great things too. so here's a list of the top things about this school year, in no particular order!

1.)new years in hoptown/ liberty bowl game in memephis trip
2.)putting frogs in boys tents on fall retreat
3.)memphis spring break road trip with kate, jordan, and tomtom
4.)mad potter with my girls
5.)my mom's wedding
6.)matt wertz concert!
7.)getting optimus
8.)every trip to the farmers market

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