Thursday, May 14, 2009


very rarely does a book have the have the power to change you. the bible would have to be the book which is most life changing because it's the word of God and HE is life changing. there are also other christian books that have made an impact on my life and changed it, mostly because they kicked my arse and challenged me in my faith. but Animal, Vegetable, Miracle definitely changed my life...or i should say my future life. it really made me think about food differently, and since cookery is one of my passions i tend to think about food a lot. but there's SO much we don't know about the food system of america...yet food is pretty much the most important thing we buy but we don't even think about it. america--and myself--have a lot to learn. we don't think twice when we go to the grocery store, we just look for the lowest price. what's up with that?? i feel like most people worry more about what they put into their cars than their OWN body! how sick is that. and what's also sick is how the animals are raised for meat in this country. we were made to eat meat but most don't do it wisely. as a whole we as americans eat more meat protein than is really necessary for our nutrition and WAY more red meat than we should. did you realize that turkey's don't even know HOW to have turkey sex and if they wanted to most are breed to get so fat so fast they couldn't even do it. they are mostly all test tube babies! and they aren't even feed their natural diet nor do most see sunlight. so here's to my new quest...supporting free range animals! animals that get to enjoy the wind and the sun on their face. cows that get to graze on grass for their life time and walk around. let's work on taking back food culture and our relationship with the food on our kitchen table!! support your local farmers market and grow your own garden. i'm attempting to grow some of my own veggies this's exciting and i'm going to learn how to can as well. once i get my hands on a pressure cooker and my dad's grapes ripen i was be experimenting with grape jelly! [a note to my roomates...cans of homemade tomato sauce anyone?? or what about pickles?? :) ]and i LONG for the days when i'll have more of a permanent home where i can grow a more permanent garden and even get a few chickens, fresh eggs--yay!! so my challenge to you, learn about the food you eat and figure or simple ways that you can change the direction of our twisted food industry because it should be a miracle. when i started my seedlings i would sometime just sit and think and look at them...what an amazing thing...they started with just a little seed and grew before my eyes and will one day nourish my body. it's pretty amazing to be honest.

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"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." // 1 Corinthians 10:31