Thursday, January 8, 2009

boring first entry

I finally made this blog look just the way i want it and now the only thing that is left are entries...kind of the important part! Lets start with why i wanted to blog. Well good question! I use to blog when i was in high school on kiwibox, i normally ranted on and on about the guys i had a crush on and struck up friendships with random people who i had no idea who they were. I did it just about every day, but no one in my life ever knew about these and it was safe and i could say whatever i wanted without any embarrassment. but honestly it was pretty shallow and mindless. I've always had urges to blog again and i've tried a little here and there but nothing stuck. But now i'm ready to be real and vulnerable. i want to write about my life yes, but more so about things that matter and i'm gonna try really hard to be honest and open and lay it all out there but i also wanna talk about things that are meaningful and not shallow. i can promise you now that i will not rant on about the cute guy i saw while pumping gas, instead i may talk about the importance of having a God centered romantic relationship. so in a nutshell i want this to be a look inside my life but even more i want it to show God in my life. so for one of my new year resolutions [which are still in the rough draft stage even a week into the new year!] is to write in here and maybe even share a few tears or laughs.


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