Saturday, January 31, 2009

my kind of fairy tale...

the kind of fairy tale my heart is after is a lot like most others, a prince charming who will sweep me off my feet & and living happily ever after...but there's one more element. three other princesses. in my perfect fairy tale the four of us each get married to our own prince charming within a year of each other.

we each enjoy a few years of lovely wedded bliss. but instead of living in separate places we share a big house together. not only do we get the perks of married life, but we still get to enjoy living so close to each other and sharing our lives. then once we start to grow up more we all get our own houses on a charming little street where the only traffic is the other people who live there. there are huge trees that look like they've been there for ages. large yards where we plant gardens, our husbands build benches, and ponds, and set up hammocks, & we grow our own vegetables and share them with each other. we often go over to each others houses for dinner and grill outs. on cool summer nights we gather and play corn hole, while on crisp fall evenings we huddle around a warm fire.

then when we start having children we do it around the same time. we complain about morning sickness and how crappy we feel. then we gather around and discuss baby names together and feel each others bellies for the kick of our children. then when our children start to grow they become inseparable. the husband put their skills together and build a fort, swing sets and tree house for the kids to play in together. they take turns camping in each of our backyards and selling lemonade to the elderly couples out for walks.

the four of us will sip tea and watch the children run around while telling stories of all the funny/crazy things the kids do. we watch them grow up before our eyes, we see them get their hearts broken, or have a fight with a friend, get moody over not being able to use the car that night, and graduate high school. all the while just loving & loving some more. and just giving to each other, and caring for each other. always being there whenever the other needs us, through good and bad but always with love.

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