Saturday, January 17, 2009

explict lyrics

At church we've been on this series for two weeks going through Song of Solomon and using it as a background for boy/girl relationships; so far it's been awesome, and we still have four more sunday's on it. It was good timing since lately something I've been pondering is what a Christian, God centered relationship should look like. [some of the books i've read are Lady in Waiting, When God Writes Your Love Story, and When Dreams Come True.] In the past I've never had a God centered relationship and it's something that I think is VERY important for the future. I'm so thankful that I'm getting so much time with no distractions to really figure it out [although I didn't always count it as a blessing].
I think it's so great that they're doing this series because I feel it's something the church doesn't talk about enough, yet it's one of the most influential things in your life. I once heard someone say that no one shapes your life like your spouse, that's reason enough to not take dating lightly! One thing I don't understand is how people can date just to date, not with marriage in mind. Even if you save yourself physically for marriage [which you should!!] it's still a waste of time and emotions. Shouldn't there be a part of you emotionally that you save as well? I'm not sure what that looks like, and I highly doubt there's a formula that can be used for everyone but there has to be something better than the dating they sell on MTV.
I'm really enjoying this series and the things I'm learning from it which I'm fitting together with the things God has already been showing me in this area. It's so awesome that Southland is devoting six whole weekends to this message and I feel God can do great things in our community through it and totally change the way we think about dating, marriage, and sex. It's so much better to be able to talk about this in a christian environment instead of the hallways of high school.
The most important thing is that the person you're dating/thinking about dating/engaged/married to should make your relationship with Jesus flourish and you can grow in Christ even more together than apart. [Not to say that you can't have an outstanding relationship in Christ without someone else! Don't let the fact that you haven't found that special someone make you satisfied with a mediocre faith. Don't wait for your wedding day to start growing in Christ. I know for me as a single women even the idea of my future husband helps me in my desire to know Christ on a deeper level. And I don't even know him yet, so just think about how much more we'll be able to encourage each others spiritual lives once we find each other!]
Here's a link to the audio/video of the series, it's also available as an iTunes podcast...
Explict Lyrics

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