Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the melting pot

today is kellie's 22nd birthday! yay, happy birthday kel!!

well we went for dessert to The Melting Pot which is a place we all have really wanted to check out but unfortunately it's very expensive for our college budgets. [i.e. we typically go to appleebees happy hour and get half price appetizers if we're in the mood for a celebration] but it was her birthday and we figure we could dress nice and spring for dessert at least. it turned out to just be jordan and kel, katie and erickson, and whit and i. so we were coupled up [i hope when whitney and i find boys we do at the same time, then atleast neither of us with have to be an extra wheel!].

we got two regular sized desserts, and there were so many to pick from! i was impressed, i didn't think there would be that many choices. kel picked out chocolates. one was plain dark chocolate and the other was s'mores [it was chocolate, marshmallow, gramcracker crumbs and then they set it on fire!] then we had four plates with more than enough things to dip! there was a piece of cheesecake, gramcracker covered marshmallows, oreo covered marshmallows, brownie, rice crispie treats, sponge cake, bannas, and strawbarries! i felt like all if it needed to be eaten but we just couldn't do it!

whitney and i both decided that we wanted to go and have the full meal sometime but we can't afford it. maybe if we win some money or something. also we said we'd know a guy really loved us if he took us there. it seems like a great place for either a romantic dinner [very secluded and dark atmosphere], or a big group [when we're older and real people with real jobs], and you could take a very long time and really get a good experience from it. i think it would make the perfect "luper" [lunch and super] since you'd eat so much you'd be full for long time. they also had these really neat paintings of wine on the wall that i LOVED if was a big glass of wine and it was like wine was splashing in the glass and at one end of the splash it turned from wine into a women, very cool. i tried to google and find a picture like it but i can't.

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