Thursday, January 29, 2009

a sweater shaver changed my life

today i pulled out my pink cashmere sweater to wear, it looked very nice except for all the fuzzy balls on it. i've had it for a few years but i had yet to groom it, so i decided to break out my sweater shaver that my grandma bought for me when i went to college, it was still in the package. so i found some AA batteries and used it. AMAZING! like the coolest thing ever, my sweater looks awesome now! so i decided to make a list of other random things that have changed in life, maybe they can be useful to someone else one day.

things that changed my life:

  1. a sweater shaver, it's not expensive[mine was 5 bucks at bed bath and beyond], and easy [not to mentions fun!] to use
  2. an angled eye liner brush. every women needs this! you just use eye shadow and brush it on from the inside of your eye to the outside, works perfect.
  3. onion goggles. make fun, but it works! i love to cook and i love onions but they effect my eyes really bad, so i use my goggles from chemistry lab.
  4. over the door coat rack and over the door shoe rack. trust me you need these!
  5. tart warmer. instead of having to buy a big yankee candle i got a tart warmer about 5 bucks at bed bath and beyond [i think they have cheap ones at walmart too] and yankee candle tarts which are about $2, then you can buy a HUGE bag of tea lights to use with the tart warmer. the tarts last a very long time, smell great and are a good way to save money.
  6. mason jars! i got a box of these from my mom's basement to put a spice tea mix in for christmas presents and it changed my life! i use them all the time for storage in the kitchen, they look really neat. i keep dried beans, rice, etc in them. they are also very cute for gift presentation if you make something fromt he kitchen! they can also we used for cut glasses or a deceration [for candles, flowers]. they use them in the movie mama mia for wedding decor and it's beautiful!
  7. whole wheat flour. my bible study leader uses whole wheat flour in her chocolate chip cookies and it's fantastic! all the fiber makes them more filling as well! i used some the other day to make chocolate chip cookies and i throw some crasins in there as well. [i'd add a little all purpose flour, half or less of total flour, and i soaked the craisns in warm water first to plump them up a little]
  8. whirley pop. i started making all my popcorn on the stove top [it's so easy and you can make all short of fun flavors and styles, you also have control over how much oil, butter, and salt] i always just used a pot but for christmas my stepdad got me a whirley pop popcorn popper and it's so useful!
  9. mug/cup hooks. i found these i guess at walmart in the hardware i think and i use them for necklaces! i screwed them in a [horrible looking] row on my wall and use them to hang my necklaces from. it was pretty easy, and cheap. they make them in differe styles, mine are just brass looking.
  10. mesh paper tray. i use this for my earrings! [i found it at target] i set it on it's side so it stand up and it's a lot bigger than any earring holder i've seen and it's less expenstive. you have plenty of room to put all your jewlery!
alright well there's a top ten list...i'm sure there's more maybe another time!!


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