Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snowy days

when i was in public school we had lots of snow days. lucky for us there were lots of country roads in our district which were always in bad shape. but once you get to college that all changes, you don't get snow days for anything. it has to be really bad, as in ice. and esp at the grand school that is the univeristy of kentucky [which most of the time likes to think it's better than it is] you don't get off. the first two years of college we didn't get any sort of days off, not even a delay or an early closing. in my third year we got something that rarely ever happens...we had a two hour delay one morning. and THIS was a big deal...though it was highly disappointing since it didn't effect any of my classes, still it was a big deal. then another time they canceled evening classes because of an ice storm, again a BIG deal although it didn't effect me. it was still fun because we got to feel like we were snowed in and bake spinach and artichoke dip for dinner! yum!

well a few nights ago we were preparing ourselves. there was a big winter storm coming. katie's dad was convinced it was to be the biggest storm of the decade and told her to go get bread and milk from the store. she doesn't even keep milk in the house on a sunny day. we could feel it, we were gonna get off. when my alarm that next morning went off i had a text message from earlier that morning saying that UK would be closed until 11. well that was hardly far enough, i only got out of one 50 min class...when i still had 6 more hours of class that day. i wouldn't give up. i checked my email to find out my 11 o'clock class was canceled and so was my 2 o'clock. i refused to give up hope! only two other classes taught by the same teacher. my first thought was just not to go since it was suppose to start freezing rain and i didn't wanna get out in that. but alas i had a quiz in my 12:30. i was holding out. i refused to shower or get ready to leave until 11:45 when i needed to leave at noon.

noon came and still no word on canceling class, i couldn't miss a quiz. i decided i'd go to that class and skip my 3:30. i bundled up and head to campus. what an adventure. i don't like ice very much, i don't like ice skate or anything related. i don't like the feeling of not being in control it gives me. the side walk all the way down my road was just ice, i wanted to give up before i got half way down it. people around me walking were sliding and what not, they at least seemed to be enjoying the snow and ice. me on the other hand wanted to cry. i made it to class, late, but i didn't fall even once. i was extremely careful. i was in in disbelief that they were still trying to have classes, hardly anyone was on campus and the sidewalks were clear of snow but solid ice. after my quiz i walked home and got pj's on as soon as i could and snuggled down again. only to get a message from uk saying they were closing early. i'm sure it was completely necessary to be open for 4 hours.

we stayed in and hung out and baked. there's something about being snowed in that gets me in a cooking mood. i made cookies, bread, and i even made whit and i a peanut sauce, chicken, veggies, and rice noodle stir fry thing for dinner. i stayed up late, didn't work on any school work and counted my eggs before they hatched. sometime in the middle of the night i just heard rain, and thought to myself "crap, it's not icing or snowing, just rain i'm gonna have to go to campus!" then at about 6:30 i check my phone. SNOW DAY!! first full snow day since i've been at uk. amazing. i so happy to be able to turn my alarm off, roll over and sleep in that i almost couldn't get back to sleep.

morning came and the first thing i did was look out my window. i was beautiful! it was snowing, everything was covered in ice and then snow, and the best part was i get to stay inside all day and not have to try and go anywhere! we eventually made out way outside to take a look at the beauty and capture it with our cameras. now it's time to relax. there's nothing like having your full first week of classes and only having half of your classes!

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