Saturday, January 10, 2009

kitchen make-over

with the last few hours of my winter's stay in nky i'm starting to think about getting back to lexington and getting everything in order. let's just say i'm getting VERY anxious to get back! i am ready to get all squared away and i've already been mentally preparing what i need from the store when i get back to start the semester off right! [not to mention getting into a healthy eating pattern so i won't be in too bad of shape when i go to the beach with a group of senior girls in may *cross fingers*] so i decided to go take a look at whole foods website and look at whatever i may find. well i found a link to this article about getting your kitchen in order and having the basics you need. what you keep and what's just taking up room. a lot of it is about how to toss out premade things and do it yourself, and i am ALL about do it yourself in the kitchen! The Lastest Must-Haves for the Pantry!

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