Tuesday, September 1, 2009


there's something about community that you just need. it's something that my church and campus ministry both push and i believe it's rightfully so. i miss my community here in lexington so much when ever i'm home for an extended period of time. my church community in lex is pretty much the reason i'm so attached to lexington i believe and the reason i have stayed as long as i have. growing up i always only ever wanted to go to UK. basically it was there or no where in my mind, i didn't even apply for anywhere else. my dad used to joke and say "you can go to any college you want but i'm only paying for one." there were several times when it wasn't easy for me to be in lexington, different reasons. i don't know if they would have ever been bad enough for me to leave lex but i know my community stuck me here with cement. something i've noticed with my campus ministry is that pretty much every year it seemed that after people graduated they left but when i've noticed--in my class and even some in the year before me --is that people aren't so keen to leave right away anymore. which must say something about our community, doesn't everybody want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and something that people don't want to leave? i know i do. it's neat to see that. i love that everyone seems to be sticking around, and a lot of those who haven't didn't leave cause they wanted to and are trying to work their way back...which says so much about our community. there must be something going on there. i don't want to leave it either.

on a side note i really love the new colbie caillat song "fallin' for you" ,that's the music video, which is kinda funny. it's just such a cute song and i think it's funny that she's on a date with a real dork int he video, poser thug really isn't my type but i think i may have a bit of a weakness for a little dork.

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