Saturday, September 5, 2009

on a night like this.

i'm not gonna lie. last night was a pretty monumental night in my life. i got to met and take pictures with two of my favorite artists! dave barnes and jon mclaughlin...the only thing that is missing that i have yet to met matt wertz.
they were playing at a church about an hour from us. it wasn't even advertised online or anything and you had to buy tickets in person, so we just decided to drive and go. they both played for a long time, which was awesome. we were really tired though by the end...and unfortunately we may have looked it as well. we saw a good number of people we knew from csf there, so that was fun.

i'm so pumped to go to 608 tomorrow night...i haven't been able to go to it since i've been back in lexington. it'll be great :)

gotta go grab something to eat and then head over to katie and kellie's!

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