Thursday, September 3, 2009

so for class today we started off at the farmers market, which is neat except for the fact that we really didn't do anything. we got there, someone told us a little about the market for like 5 min and then we were suppose to walk around. but i go to the farmers market a lot and today it was far from the glory that is the saturday morning farmers market. there were only a few vendors out too. and that was then i had to drive back to campus and since it was later in the day i got an awful parking spot and then walk back to the lab for that same class...i was sweaty and gross and a few mins late...but it didn't really matter at least. for class today we all practiced sauteing veggies and flipping them in the pan. piece of cake. then chef bob made chicken with four different herbs. and then we ate lunch and cleaned up.

also i got my father something for christmas, i think he'll really like it. i saw it at the book store and it was perfect so i went ahead and just got it. lets hope i don't forget about it!

i can't wait till synergy tonight. it's so great just to go and relax, plus is the end of my week. i literally go right from class to synergy and i'm done for the week! it's a great feeling, and then i get to see everyone and get hugs. hugs just make everything better :)

i'm so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. how grand. at first i was wondering what i would even find to do...but i think i'll have plenty :)

also today i had a pumpkin spice latte...yumo. i still have my coffee buzz. great stuff...esp since i forgot to get coffee this morning!

i'm gonna break down and buy a macbook i think. i don't want to make a rash move but i think it's gonna happen. part of me wants to order it today.

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