Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm chasing down horizon, in hopes of being danced with too

last night at church we were on our third week of our series on's really neat cause my bible study this semester also decided to do revelation {before we even knew my church was going to, and the majority of us there go to southland as well}. we talked mostly about music last night...we read through ch's 4 & 5 and took them verse by verse {also neat because revelation was originally intended to be read aloud in worship services}. the major take away was to never stop worshiping out God, and specifically the connection between worship and song, God and song, and us and song. music gets into us...there is no other median which can express our feelings like music does, it comforts us, helps us mourn, can say the things we can't express, and can just give us a time to be free. my favorite artist would have to be Matt Wertz. hands down. i love that he is a Christian and it's reflected in his music but it's not "christian" music. i think he sings from his heart, definitely...and i feel like i can relate to so many songs of his in different ways. i also have to admit that part of what i like about him is that he's not a main stream artist {not that i wouldn't love to see him hit it big time}, but i feel like it makes him more relational, more like a real person. i love that i could go and see him in a small venue and that i get to introduce people to him and his music.

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