Tuesday, September 22, 2009


tonight i went to TBS which is a thing we do at my campus ministry now on tuesday nights. it's sort of an in-depth bible study...this semester we're doing the 10 bible stories every christian should know...basically taking the whole bible and and plotting out 10 major points along the way which do a good outline of the whole story of how God has worked and the salvation that Jesus brings. well tonight we talked about The Fall and studied Genesis 3 hard core. one of the things we got to talking about is how yes, Eve took the first bite but she also gave it to the man who was with her. so basically, and no it's not all the guys fault, but he didn't do anything to stop it. and i know i've seen it in my life, and in my friends lives were this has happened. {the man and the woman both sinned, and it wasn't ones fault more than the other but the man didn't do anything to stop it} as one of my dear friends puts this lack of being a real man, "an epic fail of testosterone". so after we get on this subject one of the leaders basically told every man in the room to MAN UP, to be this great man of God, and spiritual leader that my girlfriends and i pray is out there and honestly a lot of the time we feel hopeless about it. he suggested a book call The Silence of Adam by Larry Crabb, and in this book it talks about how Adam was silent and how so many christian guys today are also "silent". i think that whole pep-talk might have been my favorite part of tonight. i honestly wanted to stand up and give him a round of applause, and my friend felt the same. so this left me with some encouragement...that there ARE men out there who aren't "epic fails of testosterone" and there are also men willing to be bold and encourage others to do so. so AMEN to them!! and if that call to rise didn't make the other girls in the room swoon there must be something wrong with them. ;) it gave me hope at least.

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