Friday, September 11, 2009

so i turned 23

on thursday i turned 23. i mean i didn't feel that different, and my birthday wasn't really much different than any other day...i did get to sleep in!! :) but other than that it was just like every other day...i went to class ALL day long and then i wen to synergy that night. i did however do something funny. like i said i got to sleep in so i had plenty of time to get ready in the morning...i even left the house WAY before i really needed to get to get to campus and park and all that jazz...well i started to walk to class and it hit to me...i don't remember putting make-up on today! which OK...isn't that big of a tragedy...but it was my birthday and i wanted to look good--i'm not even gonna lie about it. what bothered me most really wasn't the fact that i didn't have any was the fact that i just simply FORGOT to put it on when i meant of course it bothered me for most the day. when i realized it i even thought about going back to my car and driving home...but that was silly, i wouldn't have been back in time to make it to class and there's no way i'm missing class for something a trivial as that. but i was happy to get to synergy and welcome the weekend--and it doesn't hurt to get to see lots of friends! lucky for me i called katie and kellie and they saved me...they brought some of their make-up to synergy so i could fix my problem! i mean i even remembered to bring my body spray and hair spray...i can't help it, after being on campus all day i like to do a little touch up before synergy! and synergy was good...we had a good guest speaker and katie acted as my "wing-woman" and told everyone it was my birthday, so i didn't have to be "that girl" but i still got lots of happy birthdays...which lets face it everyone wants to get a bunch on their birthday!

but today is really when i got to celebrate being OLD! unfortunately i had to go to NKY for a little while and see my it was a busy day to say that least. but my fantastic sister erin was so good, i would text her things to do and she'd help me out...i didn't get back until about 4 and then it was time to get cooking!! i had roomies {past and present} over for dinner. i made most of the stuff up but i did find this one was yummy! it was fun just to sit around and enjoy a meal together, get dressed up, and laugh...a lot! plus i enjoy cooking a lot, and who really wants to pull out all the stops everyday? not me. and it was nice to be able to do it and have a reason. i'm so glad they all came.

now...i'm so very tired. i've got a big day ahead of me. i should sleep...but unfortunately i want to get up and go to the farmers market before i make make cookies and then go to the gorge! so basically i'm going to be waking up early...and not sleeping in, which is what one should always do on the weekends!

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