Monday, September 7, 2009

farmers market

i went to the lexington farmers market for the first time this semester on saturday. it was lovely. i made erin go with me and we also brought optimus along...lots of people even told us how cute he is {take that whitney!!}. erin and i got breakfast there was lovely sitting on a curb and eating a homemade garlic bagel with herb goat cream cheese. yumo! another great find as the farmers market is fresh flowers. you can get beautiful flowers there for cheap. this one lady had a ton of different flowers and any two stems were $2. i bought three little lilies to go in my bedroom...they're beautiful. ok, so i might have lied. i did go to the farmers market once before this semester but i went on a thursday morning for class and it doesn't really count. but my ta did point out this guy that apparently has the be heirloom tomatoes in the on saturday i found his booth and got some. i got a little basket full of baby ones in all different colors and i just made a little pizza with very colorful and these tomatoes are delicious!

ps if any guys would like to know a really awesome way to give a girl flowers here's one...go to the farmers market, or pick your own flowers, whatever is in season. get all the same or mix it up--doesn't matter. then instead of a vase or tissue paper to wrap it up in just get an old news paper and wrap the flowers in that to make a bouquet. it'll look cute and not generic.

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